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  • Raised Panel Style: In stock with 15 colors to choose from! One standard width of 14 1/2" and lengths ranging from 31" to 71" in 4" increments.
  • Louvered Style: In stock with 10 colors to choose from!  One standard width of 14 1/2" and lengths ranging from 25" to 75" in appoximately 4" increments.
  • Special Order Shutters: This not only includes several variations of the louvered and raised panel shutters, but also the board-n-batten shutters.  Furthermore, all custom made shutters can be made in special widths ranging from 9" to 31" and heights from 31" to 144" in 1/4" increments. Most of these custom shutters will arrive in as little as 3 days!

Gable Vents

  • Gable vents are a functional accent piece for all houses with a gable style roof.  We keep the following styles in stock in colors to match most of our vinyl siding colors: octagon, rectangle, round top, half round, and round(white only).
  • Custom vents are also available in triangle, diamond, and pentagon shapes.  These custom made vents are available in white and paintable only.

Window Headers & Door Surrounds

  • Window headers and door surrounds can add that touch to separate your home from all the rest.  All are shipped with optional keystones. The headers are available in a large array of colors and the surrounds have more than a dozen colors to choose from.  These items are not in stock, so please call for shipping details.

Mounting Blocks

  • Mounting blocks provide a neat and stylish look to your outside necessities. Mastermounts (for lights), Reccessed minis (for electric receptacles), split rings (for water hydrants), meter blocks (I think we all know this one!), and dryer vents (and this one too!).  In stock with colors to match all our vinyl siding colors.

Decorative Windows

  • Decorative windows from Mid America include octagon and Oval shapes.  These are available in three colors and in three styles: clear, grids, and leaded look.  Limited quantities in stock, but special orders on this item can arrive in as little as seven days.

For more information on this product you can also visit Mid America's website here.

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